Log Viewer Plus

Log Viewer Plus 1.1.0

Log Viewer Plus is designed for all users

Log Viewer Plus is designed for all users

Viewing log files through a text editor takes a lot of time and patience. Log Viewer Plus is specifically designed to help you view your log files. It handles basic tasks like colour coding log entries and more complex tasks like merging log files or filtering log entries. All of the features in Log Viewer Plus work in combination. For example, you can merge files and then filter by Error. Composition is the real power of Log Viewer Plus.

- Fast and easy to use

- Built specifically for viewing application log files

- Visually engaging to help you find issues faster

- Has built in filtering and analysis tools

- Works with live data by tailing the log file

- Supports large log files

- Similar to Tail and Grep, but for Windows

- Fully supported

We know how difficult it is to get the most from your log files. Text editors make poor log viewers because they were built to edit text - not find bugs!

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Log Viewer Plus


Log Viewer Plus 1.1.0

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